Colour: White


Pack of 10


Rapid Action Packaging (RAP) has launched a new sustainable, single-use face mask that is biodegradable and safely disposable.


Utilising the latest technology, the eco-friendly RAP™ Barrier Face Mask is made from sustainable FSC* board.  Significantly, by separating the elastic band (worn over the ears), the mask can be disposed of without danger to the environment as, unlike many other masks, it will break down in the waste.


The RAP™ Barrier Face Mask is available in both adult and children’s sizes and has been designed to protect users and others from airborne diseases transferred by droplets through coughs and sneezes. It is suitable for a range of uses, from healthcare settings to personal protection, when in the workplace, when using public transport or simply out and about.

RAP Barrier Face Mask (Adult)