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Tips for Outdoor Advertising

Great communication is a highly sought-after asset for any advertiser or business wishing to be seen by the public. This is why PVC Banners are widely used to create impactful and large eye-catching advertising messages on streets and main roads.

As one of the most economical forms of outdoor advertising outdoor banners can be created for long-term use using a range of materials from PVC to Mesh among others. Unlike most other printing formats, PVC banners are limitless in size, they can be welded together in sections to create practically any size required and using brass grommets allow the banner to be suspended, draped or stretched over hoardings, walls, fences, buildings, frames and more. Regular sizes ordered are typically 2ft x 6ft 2ft x 10ft, 3ft x 10ft, 3 ft x 16ft, however, any size can be produced and produced very quickly.

Banners are very resistant to weather so ideal for outdoor use, where they are used on the front of a building façade to market new property openings etc. A mesh banner is another great choice as it offers a porous woven material and allows light and wind pass through unlike a PVC banner, so ideal for draping over windows and still allow light to come through.

At VSDirect we would often create temporary or permanent signage by stretching PVC over an aluminium profile frame which is mounted to a wall to tension the PVC and secure the tensions with strips of plastic rails. These solutions give a fantastic finished effect very similar to a solid metal sign and can be illuminated from behind for added engagement. Design is another key ingredient in delivering your message, no point in having a banner with too much information on it if cars are driving past it, your message will be lost. A short simple message is best pending who your target market is from Shoppers to passengers on an airplane.

So the next time you want to create a bit of a stir why not give us a call and we can help you create that perfect message.


Ilac Centre, Dublin. Outdoor hanging banner 20 metres high framed in an aluminium frame.

Thrilled to see retail back open for business and what better way to celebrate than with our friends in Ilac Shopping Centre with an amazing 60ft high banner, designed, printed and installed by the team in VSD, utilising famous quotes from Dublin’s literary royalty.

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